Native App Development – Overview for Beginners

Posted on 14. December 2020

There are different types of app development, the best known and probably most widespread is native app development. Native apps are programmed specifically for certain operating systems and are therefore also optimally tailored to these and the associated end devices. It can be observed that the share of developed native apps is slightly decreasing compared to web apps and hybrid apps. Learn more about native apps, their development and their advantages and disadvantages in this article. What is a NativeRead More

Programming apps: Here’s how

Posted on 14. December 2020

A photo community app like Instagram – only better? If you have countless app ideas floating around in your head, maybe it’s time to try writing code yourself. Ideally, you should have some knowledge of a programming language. However, this is not absolutely necessary. With the right tools and a little patience, you can learn to code apps without Java and Swift. The results may not be quite as good as WhatsApp, Instagram and the like, but you can stillRead More

Mobile, hybrid or for the web App development basics

Posted on 14. December 2020

Whether mobile, web or multi-platform app, developing small applications is not magic. Before commissioning an app, however, there are some important prerequisites that need to be clarified. After all, not all apps are the same – and the terminology should be clear. Just quickly program an app? That can be very easy: Especially when using freelance developers, it can be done relatively quickly and inexpensively. And in-house programming is no problem either, if you just have the right people. WhenRead More

7 Things To Consider For App Development

Posted on 14. December 2020

What do I have to consider as a client when developing an app? We systematically show all the steps from the initial concept to choosing a developer, contracting, design and technical considerations, and marketing the app. In this post, we want to shed light on all the details of the things you should consider as a client developing a commercial app for the private end user. In doing so, we have collected the 7 best practical tips from numerous yearsRead More

The phases of an app development

Posted on 14. December 2020

Bringing a new app to market – during app development, agencies and their client developers go through various phases. Software specialists refer to this as the Software Development Life Cycle. We reveal the model behind this in the blog post. Project planning as a basis “Simply going at it without a plan” usually goes wrong. This also applies to the development of an app. In order to program an app from an idea, project planning is indispensable. Various approaches describeRead More

The best VPN for Kodi

Posted on 21. February 2021

Kodi ( is a free and open-source entertainment center that allows you to organize all your digital media, play videos, music, podcasts and other digital media files. You can watch videos from your disc or better: streaming. However, you still face geographical restrictions on content. Therefore, here is the best Kodi VPN, to unlock all videos! I will start this article with a ranking of the best VPNs, once is not customary. Because you might be trying to watch aRead More