The best VPN for Kodi

Kodi ( is a free and open-source entertainment center that allows you to organize all your digital media, play videos, music, podcasts and other digital media files. You can watch videos from your disc or better: streaming. However, you still face geographical restrictions on content. Therefore, here is the best Kodi VPN, to unlock all videos!

I will start this article with a ranking of the best VPNs, once is not customary. Because you might be trying to watch a stream that is about to start. To save you time, I’ll give you my recommendations. I had in mind my fellow-citizens when writing this article. Therefore, the following providers should unlock most of the restricted content in France. And they offer a software for Windows as well as one for Linux. If you have more specific needs, like watching Netflix US, make sure the VPN is compatible!

I built this selection with three main criteria. Obviously, all of them offer at least one server in France. Because you wouldn’t be able to unlock French content otherwise. And they are among the fastest VPNs on the market, with a Tier 1 network and high-performance servers. As a result, you can watch HD videos, which require high speed. Finally, they are all easy to install and ergonomic. So, no matter if you’re not a technophile, you’ll be able to easily configure your software.

Although you can use the software without a VPN, you might have problems if you watch protected content. And you would be limited to local content. That’s why I recommend using a virtual private network like Kodi NordVPN or ExpressVPN. If you want to read detailed reviews about these providers visit

What is the best free Kodi VPN?

best free Kodi VPNI know that some readers don’t want to pay for a VPN service. Because they can’t afford it. So I will try to give you the best free VPN for Kodi. But don’t expect a premium service, of course. If you want to try ExpressVPN without paying a penny, it’s possible. You can run their 30-day money back guarantee without any proof.

You can pick up ExpressVPN via this link. Use it for the first 30 days, then, for any reason (you changed your mind, you’re not convinced anymore, you just wanted to try it, you don’t want to keep it, you don’t want to pay), you ask for a refund from customer service. And you get your money back within 5 days, no questions asked, no problems. This trick has been tested by our readers more than once.

Know the risks

Most free services are scams. Because nothing is really free these days: if you don’t pay, you are the product. And this is also true with Kodi’s free VPN providers. They have to monetize something in exchange for their service. And the only thing you can offer them is your data. Therefore, they record everything you do. And then they sell your data to the highest bidder.

But it could be worse: You could come across a free Kodi VPN managed by cybercriminals who steal your data! They can retrieve all your personal information: your bank and email account credentials, plus your credit card numbers, etc. A free VPN for Kodi is the convenient way to collect a huge amount of data from unsuspecting users!

Finally, some Kodi Free VPN providers can sell your available bandwidth. What do the people who buy your bandwidth do? What they want: to move huge amounts of data, launch malicious DDoS attacks, access copyrighted or illegal content. With your IP address, the one linked to your name. So I hope you have a “You’re out of jail free” card!

Streaming quality

Let me tell you why even the best free VPN for Kodi might not be enough. First of all, the service is limited in several ways. Because a Kodi Free VPN provides only the minimum service that works for basic tasks. Therefore, you can imagine a few servers in a few countries, with low to medium features. Although this is a correct configuration for some users, you can forget about video streaming.

In addition, a limited number of servers means that their IPs have probably been banned by the main streaming platforms. So you won’t be able to watch Netflix or Canal+. And don’t expect the free VPN provider Kodi to solve this for you anytime soon… Because it requires a large budget to regularly renew the IP addresses of the servers.

Finally, you can’t get the speed of a La Ferrari with a 2CV engine. So you can expect low quality video, which could be frequently buffered. Believe me, watching soccer games, where you can’t even see the ball and follow the action… It’s really miserable. And you shouldn’t waste your time with a free VPN for Kodi.

If you’re still reading at this stage, I haven’t been able to convince you to subscribe to the correct and reliable Kodi VPN. Luckily, I kept an ace up my sleeve: the best free VPN for Kodi. But, there is a but… You can use one of my top 10 VPN providers with millions of users worldwide. But you will only have a limited amount of data available each month. Anyway, here is my best free Kodi VPN : ProtonVPN.

With it you can create an account and easily install the Kodi Free VPN client. With TunnelBear you will have 500 MB of data every month for free. That’s not a lot of data… For info, here is the amount of data you need to watch a video, depending on the quality. Fortunately, there is a way to get 1 extra GB for free every month. To do so, go to your customer area and they will tell you what to do. You can also use OpenVPN with Kodi, read more here:

Is there such a thing as a Kodi VPN addon?

Good question. Why not find a VPN addon? I don’t recommend using one, for three reasons. Firstly, there are not many VPN providers that offer them… I only found three: PureVPN and Ivacy, which are not my favorites and OpenVPN that you have to configure manually. Pure VPN Kodi could work, but you might as well use the PC/Mac client. Secondly, it is much more complicated to install a VPN extension than a classic client. I tried to install both extensions. But I only managed to install one of them. And I tried several times, believe me.

Third and last reason: a VPN extension only protects media center traffic. This means the rest of your online activities are exposed. And if you subscribe to a VPN, you have to use it for all your traffic. Otherwise, you’re not protected when you’re surfing the Web or downloading torrents.Using the PC client makes more sense and is more user-friendly.

Do I need a VPN for Kodi?

Do I need a VPN for Kodi?You should use a VPN on all your connected devices, all the time. This is because you are exposed without a VPN. First of all, your ISP knows everything you are doing. And you leave traces everywhere you go, on every site you visit. With all this anonymous information, it’s possible to track you AND identify you.

A VPN is the only way to protect your privacy and increase your online security. It creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the server that protects your data. In addition, it anonymizes your IP address. This means that it hides your IP address behind the server’s IP address. And you can browse anonymously. With the best VPN for Kodi, nobody will know if you are using an extension for a streaming service.

There are other advantages to using a VPN. First of all, you can access all geo-restricted content, using the IP address of the server. If you are on vacation in Ibiza, you can’t watch Netflix France. But if you connect to a VPN server in France, you can unlock the French catalog and continue watching your favorite shows. And it works for all countries where your provider has a server!

Configure your Kodi VPN

Using a VPN client installed on the PC is the easiest solution. But if this is not possible on your device, you can install a VPN on your router. However, this means that all devices connected to the router will use the same connection, which could slow it down. In addition, all your devices will be connected to the same server. So, if you are watching Netflix US, with an American server, your girlfriend can’t watch TF1 or M6 in the other room… Not practical.

Most providers offer applications on the most popular platforms. And I recommend you to use them. It’s easier than setting up a Kodi VPN on Windows.

Once you have subscribed to the service, you need to download the VPN client. You can either download it directly from the website or there is a link in the confirmation e-mail. Then you need to run the installer. Although you just have to click Next at each step, stay alert. It’s best to avoid installing rogue software in the process. Once the installation is complete, I recommend that you restart your device.

Finally, you can launch the VPN client. And activate two essential features :

  • protection against DNS leaks
  • the kill switch

The first guarantees that all your traffic goes through the VPN. And the second blocks all your Internet traffic if your VPN connection is interrupted. It’s all to protect your anonymity.

Using your Kodi VPN

With your VPN for Kodi, you can only connect to one server at a time. So you have to stay connected to a server in France on a daily basis. Because the closer the server is, the faster your connection will be. In addition, you must be able to use French sites and services, which are usually restricted to the hexagon. If you are connected to a server in New York, you will not be able to access sites geo-restricted to France.

So you just need to connect to a server. And then you can launch Kodi and use it normally. You’ve already made sure that the data from the media center will go through the VPN tunnel during setup. Your privacy is protected. And you can watch what you want anonymously.

And if you want to connect to other countries, unlock other content, it’s possible. Open your VPN client (with Alt + Tab, for example, so you don’t have to quit the media player). Disconnect the French server. Then choose the new country and click on connect. If you encounter a problem to unblock a site, contact your provider via chat. And support will tell you which server is working! Finally, if the streaming is a bit slow, you can change the VPN protocol. Although I recommend OpenVPN, which is fast, stable and secure, you can try PPTP or L2TP. They are less secure but should offer better speed.


  • That’s it, you know all about the best VPNs for Kodi. This software will secure your internet connection and protect your privacy. Indeed, when your traffic goes through the tunnel, it is encrypted and anonymized.
  • Therefore, your ISP, government agencies and other hackers cannot steal your data. And you can install all the official add-ons whether they are legal or not. By the way, you shouldn’t hack, because hacking is wrong! And you should be ashamed to hack!
  • The best VPN for Kodi will also allow you to access your content when you are abroad. Because most platforms have geographical restrictions. And you absolutely need a VPN to bypass them.

Last but not least, here is my recommendation in terms of Kodi VPN: ExpressVPN. This is not a free VPN for Kodi. But it will allow you to enjoy high-resolution streaming of all your content. And to unlock most popular services like Netflix. Finally, it’s affordable – NordVPN Kodi is a little cheaper and also very good.