UptimeBar v1.3.2

A simple OS X menu bar app that notifies you if any of your websites are down. Never miss another minute of downtime!

Requires OS X 10.12 - 10.14.

Currently we do not support OSX Catalina, until this is fixed we are currently not selling new copies of UptimeBar. If you would like to purchase the app anyway, get in touch with us.

UptimeBarexample.com is down!

How does UptimeBar work?

UptimeBar connects to trusted monitoring services to check the status of your websites. If any of your sites go down we will send you a notification so you'll know straight away.

We currently support UptimeRobot which checks the status of your websites from various locations around the world. UptimeRobot is trusted by over 500,000 users, which means you can be sure we'll notify you as soon as something is wrong.

Once you purchase UptimeBar we'll help you setup an UptimeRobot account and add the websites you want to monitor.

Which services does UptimeBar support?

We currently support UptimeRobot and we have plans to add Pingdom and UpDown which will be available in future versions for no extra cost.

Let us know what API you'd like us to integrate with and we'll work on it for the next version.

Do you support Dark Mode?

Yes! We have a theme for Light and Dark mode on MacOS Mojave which will switch automatically when you change your appearance preferences.

Why is UptimeBar not free?

We think that for the same price as a cup of coffee, you're getting a good deal. We'll also give you free updates as we add new features! However... if this is simply out of your price range then let us know and we'll try and help.

Can I have a discount?

Yes! If you subscribe to our newsletter below then we'll send you a discount code for this and our future apps! We use this mailing list to keep you up-to-date with any updates or new products. We promise never to spam you 😇.

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